Thursday, February 26, 2015

When the Bible Confuses Us

As we study the story of David in 1 Samuel in our sermon series, and find the Bible confusing at times, it’s helpful to remember that God—not humans—is the true Author. He’s bigger than we are! If we could easily wrap our minds around His Word, that would mean that His Word would be smaller than our minds. In reality, He does help us understand His Word, but it’s far bigger than we are—and that means that it will keep on stretching us as we see how much bigger He is than we first thought. C.S. Lewis addresses this well: 
“It is the simple religions that are the made-up ones… If Christianity was something we were making up, of course we could make it easier. But it is not. We cannot compete, in simplicity, with people who are inventing religions. How could we? We are dealing with Fact. Of course anyone can be simple if he has no facts to bother about.” (C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, 137, as quoted in

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