Thursday, February 5, 2015

Whose Word Will We Bank On?

Whose word will we believe about God, the world, and ourselves--ours or His? Ultimately, we choose to believe either our word or God's Word. One is full of empty promises that can never deliver or bring us home; the other speaks a hard word about our sin but a bigger word about God's grace in Christ. And in this Word is our hope.
"...the Christian is the man [or woman] who no longer seeks his salvation, his deliverance, his justification in himself, but in Jesus Christ alone. He knows that God’s Word in Jesus Christ pronounces him guilty, even when he does not feel his guilt, and God’s Word in Jesus Christ pronounces him not guilty and righteous, even when he does not feel that he is righteous at all. The Christian no longer lives of himself, by his own claims and his own justification, but by God’s claims and God’s justification. He lives wholly by God’s Word pronounced upon him, whether that Word declares him guilty or innocent." (Bonhoeffer, Life Together, 22-23)

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